Collaborative. Independent. Objective.

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We strive to be extremely knowledgeable, but we are keenly aware that our clients are as well. We work with our clients as equals, and always strive to augment and support, rather than lecture or condescend. We have failed if our clients do not feel that we seem more like fellow employees or “friends and family,” rather than outside consultants for hire.


We do not accept most compensation or production credits from vendors for products or services. However, if commissions or other forms of compensation are built into premiums or rates, we can accept those in certain circumstances to offset our fees, but all compensation will be fully disclosed and limited by our engagement agreement. We follow these principles to fiercely maintain our independence.

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By maintaining our independence we are able to be completely objective, working solely in the interest of our clients. We want our clients to always feel confident there are no hidden agendas influencing our work. This allows us to provide balanced views of even the most complex topics.